Culture Crossroads, vol. 16

The 16th edition of Culture Crossroads comprises a selection of articles that were presented at the international conference of the Latvian Academy of Culture “Culture Crossroads XII” (2018).

Culture Crossroads, vol.15

The articles in this special edition of "Culture Crossroads" provide an insight into the main research lines of the International Conference on Teaching Spanish as a Foreign Language (Jornadas de Enseñanza de Español como Lengua Extranjera en Riga)


Culture Crossroads, vol.14

Culture Crossroads, vol.13

The articles in this special edition of ‘Culture Crossroads’ are devoted to graffiti and it is an outcome of the panel ‘Transdisciplinary Research in Arts: Graffiti’ that took place in 2017 as a part of the annual scholarly conference ‘Culture Crossroads’ organized by the Latvian Academy of Culture. This edition reunites alumni of the Latvian Academy of Culture who explored graffiti during their studies in arts, as well as researchers working on graffiti issues, for a transdisciplinary dialogue on graffiti from the perspectives of artistic creativity, identity building, city planning, legal protection and conservation of graffiti in Riga and other cities of Europe, as well as beyond.


Culture Crossroads, vol.12

The 12th edition of Culture Crossroads comprises a selection of articles that were presented at the international conference of the Latvian Academy of Culture “Culture Crossroads X” (2017).


Culture Crossroads, vol.11

The 11th edition of Culture Crossroads comprises a selection of articles that were presented at the international conference of the Latvian Academy of Culture “Culture Crossroads X” (2016). All authors of the articles are related in their research efforts to analyse local cultural phenomena in the context of global trends and topical theoretical research approaches.

Culture Crossroads, vol.10

The articles in this special edition of Culture Crossroads devoted to film have been inspired by reports presented at two international academic conferences held in Riga in 2016 and organised by two institutions functioning under auspices of Latvian Academy of Culture: Riga Film Museum and Scientific Research Centre. The Editor-in-chief of the vol.10 is film researcher and professor of the Latvian Academy of Culture Inga Pērkone-Redoviča.


Culture Crossroads, vol.9

Culture Crossroads 9 is the first issue published digitally. The preservation of traditions and intangible cultural heritage has been one of the priority topics for the Research Centre of the Latvian Academy of Culture, alongside the research of interaction of traditions and socially economic innovations. These topics have been analysed both in the CoHERE (Critical Heritages: Performing and Representing Identities in Europe) project, funded by Horizon 2020, which involved working in a consortium of researchers from 12 countries, and within the framework of the state research programme Sustainability of Latvian Cultural Traditions in an Innovative Environment (Habitus) (LAC 2014-2017, funded by the Ministry of Education and Research), which implies research in collaboration with the Estonian, Latvian and Lithuanian governmental organisations, local authorities and NGOs involved in the sustaining of the Song and Dance Festival tradition. We have compiled the most important results of this research in the 9th issue of Culture Crossroads, thus introducing a certain focus for the issue. We have included findings from US, Estonian, Lithuanian, and Latvian researchers, emphasising opportunities for comparative research of national cultural phenomena and manifestations of glocalisation.


Culture Crossroads, vol.8

Culture Crossroads 8 is a special edition published by the Latvian Academy of Culture. It is devoted to the ideas of leftism in culture and particularly to theatre director Anna Lācis (1891–1979), better known as Asja Lācis. Her fascinating personality is a striking example of how leftist ideas have influenced personal and creative biographies of others. The articles are divided into several thematic categories, which form strong cross-links: research on leftist ideology in historical and modern contexts; research devoted to Anna Lācis’s life and creative work, as well as her ideas in theatre and acceptance thereof by the world; research on theatre, visual art and literature in political discourse. All-in-all, the publication consists of 27 articles in Latvian, English and German by authors from various countries.

Culture Crossroads, vol.7

Culture Crossroads 7 gives special attention to the necessity to focus research activities on the current organisation of culture and art, on the meeting of the needs of local and national policy makers and on the suggestions for problem solving. This volume contains research conducted within the framework of various disciplines and approaches, e.g. archaeology, economics, ethnography, film studies, cultural anthropology, cultural heritage, management of culture, sociology of culture, art studies, museology, musicology, theatre studies, law, linguistics etc. The volume is divided into 4 thematic sections: 1) Traditional Culture, Cultural Heritage and Museology; 2) Creative Industries, Cultural, Economic and Educational Aspects of Culture; 3) Performing and Audio-visual Arts; 4) Literature, Art and Language in Culture. There are 24 articles in total, of which 2 are in English, and 22 – in Latvian.


Culture Crossroads, vol.6

The 6th volume of Culture Crossroads is a resumption of the series, which, after a short break, continues the research tradition set by the first Rector of the Latvian Academy of Culture, Prof. Pēteris Laķis. The publication is divided into 4 thematic sections: 1) Traditional Culture; 2) Audio-visual and Performing Arts; 3) Literature; 4) Social, Managerial, Political, and Communicative Aspects of Culture and Art.


Culture Crossroads, vol.5

The 5th volume of Culture Crossroads is the result of collaboration with the Turaida Museum Reserve. It is devoted to an academic discussion about holy sites. The language of the publication is English. It contains 18 articles by authors from different countries – Norway, Lithuania, Finland, Estonia, Poland, Russia, Belarus, and Latvia.


Culture Crossroads, vol.4

These are the proceedings of the international conference Culture Crossroads: Interdisciplinarity of Research in a Cultural Environment organised by the Latvian Academy of Culture. Interdisciplinarity is understood as the research conducted by representatives of various humanities in a cultural environment and based on the methods, opportunities and contributions of other domains of science. The volume contains 19 articles in Latvian, English and Russian.


Culture Crossroads, vol.3

The texts published in this volume appeared after exchanging ideas at the international conference Archaeology and Folklore, organised and held by the Latvian Academy of Culture in 2005. In the publication, special attention is given to the relations of such scientific domains as archaeology and folkloristics, as well as to researchers’ attempts to find common ground in both. The volume contains 14 texts in Latvian, English and Russian.

Culture Crossroads, vol.2

The size of the publication, the variety of topics and the number of authors started to increase with the 2nd volume of Culture Crossroads. The articles published reflect the multidisciplinary character of the Latvian Academy of Culture and confirm that the common goal, i.e. analysis of cultural processes and patterns, can be reached by taking different routes. The publication contains 26 texts in Latvian and English.


Culture Crossroads, vol.1

The first scientific publication by the Latvian Academy of Culture starts with the collection of research papers Culture Crossroads. It was intended as a wide scope follow-up publication of culturological papers that would include both various domains of humanities and different aspects of space and time. The various fields represented by the authors in the publication reflect the research potential of the Latvian Academy of Culture, which most importantly manifests itself in variety. Although the authors of the publication are the lecturers and PhD students of the Academy, it sets the tradition of including works by other authors. The first volume includes 10 articles in English and Latvian.


In Search of Culture Crossroads

The anthology of texts In Search of Culture Crossroads, published in 1998, can be considered the beginning of the Culture Crossroads that we have seen since 2004. The title does not imply subsequent finding of the crossroads. It rather marks the search of crossroads as a symbol of the beginning of a new route; hence the current title of the publication. In Search of Culture Crossroads is not homogeneous in terms of the form of narration in the texts or their content; alongside scientific argumentation, there are other attempts to capture culture – essays, poetry etc. The publication contains 15 texts.