Every year, the Research Centre at the Latvian Academy of Culture organises the International Research Conference Culture Crossroads.

The goal of the conference is not only to publish results of research devoted to important and internationally topical issues in the fields of culture and art, but also to initiate academic discussions that allow the society to improve and broaden its understanding of culture and art in general.

In the recent years, the conference has addressed even a greater community of researchers of culture and art phenomena in Latvia and other countries. Professors, students, culture policy-makers, and practitioners of culture attend the conference both as participants and as members of the audience.

Culture Crossroads welcomes research presented on a variety of topics and issues in the domains of culture and art, such as folkloristics, ethnology, archaeology and cultural anthropology, sociology of culture and art, cultural politics, cultural communication in the media, management of culture and creative industries, performing and audio-visual arts, cross-cultural communication and the role of language in culture, literature, translation etc.

Participants of the conference Culture Crossroads are traditionally invited to contribute to the research journal Culture Crossroads, which will be available in electronic format starting with the 9th volume at It intends to address internationally topical issues and the international readership. In turn, there will be a possibility to publish papers in Latvian in the printed edition Crossroads: Research of Culture and Art (Krustpunkti: kultūras un mākslas pētījumi) starting from 2016, which addresses the local and national public and issues.

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